Your Free Trial

As well as free crime reports, during your first 28 days you can send or secure five other reports for free. These can be for business or personal use or just for a test.

What can I use the trial for?

You can secure evidence in your account or you can send test reports to family, friends or colleagues to see how the service works. Or you can use it for real.

Is there a size limit to a trial report?

Yes, a report should not exceed 60MB. Click here for examples of what this includes.

How often can I download a trial report?

You can view and save the report as many times as you want and you can download any evidence in it three times.  If you send the report to someone else they get three downloads as well.

How long are trial reports kept?

Trial reports are kept through the trial period and for a further three days.  If it is a charged report (ie not a free crime report) and you want to secure it for longer, you’ll need to pay a modest charge.


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