If you want to send or secure a report for private or commercial purposes, this will cost up to £3.00, and includes validated evidence (such as a 10 minute video) held for 13 months, and a validation certificate - more details below. Just Evidence is registered for VAT - Registration No. 256661190. If you would like a VAT receipt, please email with your purchase details.

We don't use in-app purchase, so there's no risk of you inadvertently being charged.

Which reports go free?

Witness reports to the police always go free within and outside the UK. Victim reports to the police in the UK are free. You can also send five other reports for free during your first four weeks. To find out more about free services click here.

What do I get with a report?

Your report is secured for 13 months and can be downloaded 6 times - 3 by you and 3 by the person who receives it. It includes standard validation, tracking and a validation certificate.

How much evidence can I attach to a report?

A report should not exceed 60MB. For iPhone users a report could include:

For Android users a report could include:

What are the prices for securing and sending reports & evidence for business or private use?

If you use the app and service to send and secure reports and evidence for business or private use in the UK or to send a charged report outisde the UK, we operate a Pay As You Go system. You buy bundles of 3, 5 or 10 reports:

3 Reports 5 Reports 10 Reports
£9.00 (inc. £1.50 VAT) £13.50 (inc. £2.25 VAT) £24.00 (inc. £4.00 VAT)

To buy credit, login to your account and visit your profile page.


If your report exceeds 60MB, it will be charged as two reports.
You can secure your report for a further two years with extra downloads for the same charge.

Business use

If you are an organisation interested in managing reports centrally, please email

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